LUXEpack Monaco

In September we were at LuxePack in Monaco. Yes, it is true, this year only for First Look. We check what our competitors, customers and designers did in last year, or longer time ago. We check new trends in colours, materials and finishing. What was In and what will be “Nice to Know” for the future.

We did not see a lot of rigid boxes in flat construction. But I am pretty sure that almost all rigid constructions from LuxePack can be transfer to flat ones. And very sure that all flat constructuions can be done by us, instead of producers in China. For the same costs and better delivery time. Our biggest advance is: production and delivery time. 3 weeks, for all customers in Europe.

We went home full of new ideas and with a lot of new contacts.

Thank you for all discussions, oportunities and new relations. For new business connections and sunny weather 🙂