From flat to rigid

Did you ever ask yourself how much space you need for your favourite Box Collection? You look your box, and all is nice and perfect, only that space…

We can make your box even more perfect. We can squeeze it on the lower place, with only some perfect shapes. We know how to do it. We are experts in that. Your box can be in the same dimenzion, in the same shape, made with the same Art Paper, from the same Paper Mill. It can be in the same Colour. It can stay with the same Printing. It can stay with the same Finishing: saten ribbons, cords or Crystals.

But it can be smaller, so you Will not need that much space in storing it. When you Will need, you simply put it in Form. You Will need from 5 to 7 times less space, that with your existing version.

For every construction, we can find a flat solution.

From Flat to Rigid!