BOXside is our TradeMark

Our Company Slokart d.o.o. with it TradeMark BOXside is situated in Natura2000 area, sorounded with unique Lake of Cerknica.

We are responsible company:

  • we use only EU production sources;
  • we respect EU laws and regulatives;
  • we respect our water environment.

Because we take care for our future!

Autumn River


In the autumn colour, we find a sparkling and bright River. We add our red boxes that were made for Slovenian Salt producer.
Hand made boxes, fold flat construction. Made only from EU Production materials: paper from Cordenons mill, magnets and 3M adhesives.
Design was made by Primož Pislak, LUKS studio.

Our Autumn Tree

Our Autumn starts with Georgian Brandy. Vladimer Boisa, famous Georgian Basketball player, trust in our company and give us opportunity to find a great box for his Boisa X.O. Brandy. We represent fold flat magnetic boxes. With Fedrigoni Imitlin Aida Black paper and 2 coloured hot foil printing, in Copper and Light Cognac sparkling colours…

It is Tea Time, Waterford Crystal

We produce boxes for Fiskars Group and TPH Ireland, from September 2016. We make boxes on the highest level of Quality and we use materials from responsibly sources form EU. For brand Waterford and Waterford Crystal we made more than 100.000 boxes. From fold flat on special Patented shape till rigid/hinged/shouldered designs. Our advantage is…